Co-Authored: COVID, Collaboration, and Loss


The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered colleges and universities across the globe. With that, collaboration has been stalled, frustrated, or interrupted. In this episode of the Co-Authored podcast we focus on collaboration and loss, on the way collaboration in political science transpires during some of the most difficult times. We hear from three people. First, Ken Sherrill, emeritus professor from Hunter College CUNY, who talks about his experiences during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. The second, Dave Hopkins from Boston College, explains how he came to know Nelson Polsby and co-author a textbook with him. And the third, Julia Azari from Marquette University explains the loss of a good friend and co-author. Each shares deeply personal stories about how they’ve collaborated in the past and coped with loss and grief. The Co-Authored podcast is supported by the American Political Science Association, the John Jay College, and the New Books Network. The series is produced and edited by Sam Anderson.

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