David E. Sutton, "Secrets From the Greek Kitchen: Cooking, Skill, and Everyday Life on an Aegean Island" (U California Press, 2014)


David E. Sutton's book beguiles. Secrets From the Greek Kitchen:Cooking, Skill, and Everyday Life on an Aegean Island (University of California Press, 2014) seems like a simple chronicle of the most basic food practices on the island of Kalymnos. But what practices they are. Cutting boards are not used. Cooks cut food while holding it and the ingredients drop directly into a bowl or a pot. Just that simple action reveals a connection to what is eaten that opens up a world. It is a world worth a visit - and certainly a listen - as Prof. Sutton and I discuss some of our favorite places on earth, the ancient and ebullient islands of the Aegean sea.

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