Defending Your Life


We are supposed to get smarter as we get older. Do we? If the meaning of your life had to be found in nine representative days, which days would you choose? Are they the same days that your critics would select? Would you live your life differently if you had to watch yourself years later a big screen? Would you think you were as cool as you do now if you had to see yourself as a cold observer does? Defending Your Life, Albert Brooks’s version of A Matter of Life and Death, asks all of these questions and answers about half of them—pretty good for someone only using 3% of his brain. Join us for a conversation about this terrific film that, to its credit, feels like Lost in America II: The Death of David Howard. Face your fears and give it a listen!

We all love Albert Brooks’s movies—but have you read his novel? In 2012, Brooks released 2030, his own version of 1984.

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