Michael Pettis

Jun 28, 2022

Does Financial Repression Work?

A Conversation with Michael Pettis

New Books Network 2022

Michael Pettis is Professor of Finance at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management. He started his career in banking in 1987 just in time for the tidal wave of emerging market defaults and the birth of the Brady Bond restructurings. He has been a trader, investment banker, and advisor to countries on capital markets strategies all while teaching at Columbia University.

Professor Pettis has authored four books (the most recently Trade Wars Are Class Wars (Yale University Press, 2021) with Matthew C. Klein), is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and is a frequent guest on BBC, NPR, Bloomberg Radio, and podcasts. He has written for the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. A loose confederation of his former students is active in a variety of significant financial positions around the world and refer to themselves as
"The Pettis Group."

Robert Kowit began a career in investing in 1972, working in International Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange as a Senior Vice President at White Weld, Kidder Peabody, and as a Director of Midland Montagu. Moving to the buy-side in 1990, he was Senior Vice President and Head of International Fixed Income at John Hancock and then at Federated Investors until his retirement. He currently participates on committees of the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Trade and Forfaiting Association on ways to attract more financial investors to trade finance assets.

Robert is a contributor to the IMF World Bank Handbook, “Developing Government Bond Markets" and key speaker at the IMF World Bank Annual General Meeting. He is also lead author of the peer-reviewed paper, “Trade Finance as a Financial Asset: Risks and Risk Management For Non-Bank Investors” and most recently a contributor to Trade Wars Are Class Wars.

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