Tibor Martí and Roberto Quiros Rosado

Dec 17, 2021

Eagles Looking East and West

Dynasty, Ritual and Representation in Habsburg Hungary and Spain

Brepols Publishers 2021

The fifteen contributors to Eagles Looking East and West: Dynasty, Ritual and Representation in Habsburg Hungary and Spain (Brepols, 2021) describe politics and representation in the Kingdom of Hungary from the sixteenth to the eighteen century. Hungary was part of Habsburg Europe under the banner of the double-headed eagle which flew from Spain to Austria and their many possessions. Coronations, funerals, patronage, diplomacy, and artwork reveal how the special relationship between Hungary and Spain functioned and appeared. In this interview, Tibor Martí explains the purpose, spirit, and achievement of the book, and he goes into depth about his own essay in the volume on the chivalric order of the Golden Fleece as an instrument of diplomacy between these great European Catholic monarchies in the Early Modern world.

Tibor Martí is a Research Fellow in the Early Modern History Department at the Institute of History part of the Research Centre for the Humanities, in the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest and has been a lecturer at Pázmány Péter Catholic University in the Faculty of Philosophy and also the Faculty of the Humanities. He is author of dozens of articles and papers in English, Spanish, German, and Hungarian, all available at this link from Academia.com: https://tti.academia.edu/TiborMart%C3%AD.

Krzysztof Odyniec is a historian of Early Modern Europe specializing in sixteenth-century diplomacy and travel in Central Europe and the Spanish Empire.

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