Robert C. Bradley, "Eating Peru: A Gastronomic Journey" (U Oklahoma Press, 2023)


Today, Peru is rightly recognized as the number one food destination on the planet. But twenty-five years ago, the world’s culinary critics were focusing their attention elsewhere. Fortunately, wine merchant–turned–archaeologist and art historian Robert C. Bradley was in Peru. His new book Eating Peru: A Gastronomic Journey (U Oklahoma Press, 2023) is the product of twenty-five years of exquisite digressions from what Bradley might call his “real job”—the culmination of decades of personal discoveries about the food of Peru and the history that led to its current culinary florescence.

Bradley joins New Books Network to offer up some of the most delicious facts and foods revealed to him while he traveled Peru. From ceviche to sugar cane beer and aji peppers to coca leaves, he dives into what makes Peruvian food vibrant and flavorful – and worthy of accolades whether at an award-winning restaurant in Lima or a humble coastal seafood shack. He also talks about outside influences on the cuisine that came from African slaves, as well as Chinese and Japanese immigrants.

The book is a personal tour of Peru and the food that its countrymen say is a greater point of national pride than the archaeological ruins at Machu Picchu.

Interview by Laura Goldberg, longtime food blogger at

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Interview by Laura Goldberg, longtime food blogger at

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