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Usher Neil

Mar 26, 2021

Elemental Change

Making Stuff Happen When Nothing Stands Still

Lid Publishing 2020

"'You never step in the same river twice.' Our intensely interconnected world never stops evolving. Amid the chaos of intended and unexpected consequences we're expected to lead a change initiative. We have to learn fast, as its already started. This highly practical, human and humorous book shows us how to makes complex change attainable - organizational, professional or personal - whether you have years of experience or are facing your first major challenge. It helps us think about what change is and means, how we prepare for it and what we do to make it successful. It may just be the most readable book about change yet."

That's what the publishers say about Elemental Change: Making Stuff Happen When Nothing Stands Still by Neil Usher (Lid Publishing, 2020). And it's more than justified.  I have been talking to Neil about how he came to write this book, from his experiences in property and real estate management for large corporations through to his linkage in his previous book The Elemental Workplace about the key connection connection between workplaces and the work that goes on within and around them.  

Neil writes and speaks about complex topics with directness and awareness. In Elemental Change he takes on many myths about change, things that we comfortingly tell ourselves but which provide cover for inaction rather than encouragement to step forwards.  The book is in three main parts, each of which has a structure and logic which helps the reader toward thinking clearly.  The 'change operating system' and Neil's signature 'periodic table of nine elements of change' are helpful starting points, which he then explains and expands with his characteristic blend of concise language, personal stories and wise connectedness. 

Listen to Neil speak both about this book, how he came to write it, the key elements and how his current life goals involve a Tube train.  

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