Father Greg Boyle, SJ

Jan 14, 2023

Eternity Now

Talking about Mysticism with the Apostle to the Gangs of LA

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Jesuit Father Greg Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries in East LA, the world’s largest and most successful gang intervention and rehabilitation program. He talks about this ministry and his “therapeutic mysticism” which has trained him to see God and God’s people. Father Greg (“Father G”) has no interest in categories and the games of exclusion that we humans often play; he says, “gang violence is about a lethal absence of hope.” His mission to the homies, therefore, is filled with faith, hope, and love and brings “the God who is tender, the God who is too busy loving us to be disappointed, the God who can’t take His eyes off of us.” That’s why it has been so effective.

· Here is the website of Homeboy Industries.

· Books by Fr. Greg (including New York Times bestseller, Tattoos on the Heart) are available from Amazon.com.

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