Eyes Wide Shut


In a past episode in which they discussed the films of Tom Cruise, Mike told Dan, “You’re the smartest person I know who ever made it all the way through Eyes Wide Shut.” After reading a forthcoming biography of Stanley Kubrick, Dan returned to the film and urged it on Mike, who rewatched it, but who still finds it a total failure. Dan thinks it’s a sobering and startling portrayal of a man exiled from his own Eden—a fool’s Paradise—while Mike finds every element and deviation from established structures to be both ponderous and insincere. Is the film a misunderstood look at the nightmare of not knowing one’s spouse? Or is it simply an indulgent mess? Mike and Dan agree on the quality of 99% of the films they discuss, but like true film fanatics, bicker about the other 1%. Come along for the conversation about what makes a film successful--the password is “Fidelio!”

Those on Dan’s side will want to read Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making of his Final Film. Those on Mike’s will want to urge Syd Field’s famous Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting on their opponents.

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