Tara Lazar

Nov 29, 2023

Flat Cat

Flamingo Books 2023

In this, our second interview, I talk with award-winning children's author Tara Lazar about her new picture book, Flat Cat (Flamingo Books, 2023), illustrated by the also-illustrious Pete Oswald. We talk about where ideas come from, and the process by which the finished text leaves the author's hands and becomes an illustrated picture book. We also discuss her fabulous children's (everyone's, actually) dictionary of absurd words, published last year, and her Storystorm project in which thousands of writers come up with thirty ideas for new stories each January.

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Mel Rosenberg is a professor emeritus of microbiology (Tel Aviv University) who fell in love with children's books as a small child and now writes his own. He is co-founder of Ourboox, a web platform with some 260,000 ebooks that allows anyone to create and share flipbooks comprising text, pictures and videos.

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