About Mel Rosenberg

Mel Rosenberg originally wanted to become a children's book author and jazz musician, but ended up becoming a scientist (professor of microbiology at Tel Aviv University) and inventor (of oral hygiene products and diagnostic tools). In his forties, he picked up music again and began writing for children. Many of his children's stories are available for free on Ourboox.com, a website and platform for authors which he co-founded in 2013. Currently, Mel teaches introductory courses in picture book writing and pursues his ambitions as a picture book writer. His first traditionally-published children's book was published by Tal-May in Hebrew in 2023. He also teaches two academic courses on popular music at Tel Aviv University. He is married with two children and two grandchildren and lives near Tel Aviv.

Mel Rosenberg is a professor emeritus of microbiology (Tel Aviv University) who fell in love with children's books as a small child and now writes his own. He is co-founder of Ourboox, a web platform with some 260,000 ebooks that allows anyone to create and share flipbooks comprising text, pictures and videos.

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