Suzanne Slade, "The Music in George's Head: George Gershwin Creates Rhapsody in Blue" (Astra, 2021)


Suzanne Slade is the Sibert Honor author of more than 170 books for children. A mechanical engineer by degree, Suzanne writes about STEM topics, fascinating figures in history, and occasionally lyrical fiction. Her newest books include Some Days are Yellow, Shining Star: Vera Rubin Discovers Dark Matter, Behold the Octopus!, and Dazzilin' Dolly: The Songwriting, Hit-Singing, Guitar-PIcking Dolly Parton. 

In our interview we talk to Suzanne about her new books, and celebrate the centenary of the first performance of Rhapsody in Blue, beautifully recounted in her award-winning book The Music in George's Head: George Gershwin Creates Rhapsody in Blue (Calkins Creek, 2016).

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Mel Rosenberg

Mel Rosenberg is a professor emeritus of microbiology (Tel Aviv University) who fell in love with children's books as a small child in Ottawa and now writes his own. He is co-founder of Ourboox, a web platform with over 260,000 ebooks that allows anyone to create and share flipbooks comprising text, pictures and videos.

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