Pauline Stoltz

Nov 20, 2020

Gender, Resistance and Transnational Memories of Violent Conflicts with Pauline Stoltz

New Books Network 2020

In this book launch event arranged by NIAS along with Aalborg University, Associate Professor Pauline Stoltz discusses her latest book: Gender, Resistance and Transnational Memories of Violent Conflicts (Palgrave 2020) with NIAS Director Duncan McCargo. In the book, Stoltz analyses the politics of memories of three violent conflicts that took place in Indonesia, covering the period between 1942 and 2015. By highlighting how people’s memories and experiences of injustices are related to gender, ‘race’, sexuality, nationality, and generation, she addresses not only how these historical conflicts were the result of inequalities, but also how these inequalities still hurt today both in Indonesia and in other parts of the world. McCargo and Stoltz discuss her use of innovative transnational and gender approaches in the research fields of transitional justice and memory politics, and her highly original approach to the narrative analysis of four major Dutch and Indonesian novels.

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