Jeffrey Benson, "Hacking School Discipline Together" (Times Ten Publications, 2024)


Jeffrey Benson’s Hacking School Discipline Together (Times Ten Publications, 2024) follows in footsteps first hacked out by Weinstein and Maynard in their 2019 bestselling Hacking School Discipline. Benson, informed by his 40 years of teaching, directing, mentoring, and consulting, takes the discussion to the broader school community. This book offers an effective elixir, distilled from experiences and best practices of Benson’s career. The formula is ten hacks in the form ten very readable chapters and that every teacher and administrator can start using tomorrow. Benson knows how to build community, establish systems, and create the environment where teachers teach and students study, and no time (or minimal time) is lost to the distractions of discipline problems.

This is Jeffrey Benson’s fifth book and follows his recent Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL which focused on classroom practices (and was also an NBN discussion on the New Books in Education). This time, Benson thinks about these questions from the perspective of the administrator and teacher-leader, asking (and answering) how the whole school can affect the whole student.

Krzysztof (Chris) Odyniec is a teacher and historian who has worked in secondary and post-secondary education for fifteen years. He currently teaches social studies at John Swett High School in Crockett, California.

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