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Elizabeth Boyle

Oct 13, 2021

History and Salvation in Medieval Ireland

Routledge 2021

In History and Salvation in Medieval Ireland, Dr. Elizabeth Boyle closely examines medieval Irish ideas regarding salvation history from 700 to 1200 CE through both Latin and vernacular texts for both ecclesiastical and secular audiences. Incorporating analysis from previously untranslated texts, her book delves into the use of narratives and figures from Hebrew Scriptures and the weaving of elements from the Hebrew and Irish texts into each other. The medieval Irish concept of salvation history was instrumental in writers’ and readers’ perception of where Ireland was situated within history and the world. Boyle illustrates how understanding this concept is important for scholars of this period, as it had a profound effect on Ireland politically, socially, culturally, and religiously. History and Salvation in Medieval Ireland was published by Routledge in 2021 as a part of their Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland.

Dr. Elizabeth Boyle is a lecturer in the Department of Early Irish at Maynooth University and is the author of numerous works, including the forthcoming Fierce Appetites: My Year of Untamed Thinking (Penguin, 2022).

Danica Ramsey-Brimberg is a multidisciplinary researcher, who recently finished her PhD in History at the University of Liverpool.

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