About Kenneth Sanchez

My name is Kenneth Sanchez. I'm a 23-year-old Peruvian journalist with a master's degree in Latin American politics from UCL and an interest in memory studies. I work for an independent media outlet based in Peru called Comité de Lectura, where I create, produce and edit cultural and current affairs podcasts. I do a lot of stuff but my favourite task is producing a special podcast once a week where I interview an academic, journalist or specialist to talk about an important topic for that week. In my free time, I host a film podcast with a friend of mine called Segundo Plano, where we discuss movies and interview people from the movie industry. My interests are Latin American studies, memory studies (I wrote my dissertation on this topic), journalism, and film. As a journalist, I love podcasting and working with radio but I am also happy working on online platforms and TV.

Kenneth Sanchez is a Peruvian journalist that currently works as a freelance journalist and as a multi-platform content curator for the Peruvian media outlet Comité de Lectura.

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