About Sarah Bramao-Ramos

Sarah Bramao-Ramos is a PhD candidate in History and East Asian Languages at Harvard. She works on Manchu language books and is interested in anything with a kesike.

NBN Episodes hosted by Sarah:

East Asian Studies November 12, 2020

The City of Blue and White

Chinese Porcelain and the Early Modern World

We think of blue and white porcelain as the ultimate global commodity: throughout East and Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean including the African coasts, the Americas and Europe, consumers desired Chinese porcelains. Many of these were made in the kilns in and surrounding Jingdezhen. Found in almost every part of the world, Jingdezhen's porcelains had a far-reaching impact on global consumption, which in turn shaped the local manufacturing processes. The …
Chinese Studies September 25, 2020

Unending Capitalism

How Consumerism Negated China's Communist Revolution

Karl Gerth

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
Karl Gerth’s new book, Unending Capitalism: How Consumerism Negated China's Communist Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2020) details how the state created brands, promoted and advertised particular products, set up department …
Chinese Studies August 14, 2020

Circulating the Code

Print Media and Legal Knowledge in Qing China

Ting Zhang

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
How could a peasant in Shandong in the Qing dynasty come to know enough about a specific law that he felt confident enough to kill his own wife and his …
Chinese Studies July 2, 2020

Know Your Remedies

Pharmacy and Culture in Early Modern China

He Bian

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
He Bian’s new book Know Your Remedies: Pharmacy and Culture in Early Modern China (Princeton University Press, 2020) is a beautiful cultural history of pharmacy in early modern China. This …
Chinese Studies June 29, 2020

The Board of Rites and the Making of Qing China

Macabe Keliher

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
Bringing attention to the importance of li (an articulated system of social domination and political legitimization, consisting of rituals, ceremonies, and rites) as the foundation of the Qing political system …
Chinese Studies May 20, 2020

State Formation in China and Taiwan

Bureaucracy, Campaign, and Performance

Julia C. Strauss

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
State Formation in China and Taiwan: Bureaucracy, Campaign, and Performance (Cambridge University Press, 2019) by Julia C. Strauss is a comparative study of regime consolidation in the People’s Republic of …
East Asian Studies May 15, 2020

Shrines to Living Men in the Ming Political Cosmos

Sarah Schneewind

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
What recourse did you have in Ming China if your very excellent local official was leaving your area and moving on to a new jurisdiction? You could try to block …
East Asian Studies March 23, 2020

Eunuch and Emperor in the Great Age of Qing Rule

Norman A. Kutcher

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
Eunuchs. Nobody liked them, everybody seems to have hated them, but, even so, they were an essential part of many states – even in the Qing. Norman A. Kutcher's book …
Chinese Studies October 28, 2019

Railroads and the Transformation of China

Elisabeth Köll

Hosted by Sarah Bramao-Ramos
Railroads and the Transformation of China (Harvard University Press, 2019) looks at the development of railroads in China from the late 19th century to the post-Mao reform period. Treating railroads …