About Elizabeth Barrett

Hello! I am going into my second year as a Phd Student at Lehigh University. In addition to my interests in Early Modern Atlantic World history and feminist theory, I am also a farmer, running a small organic produce farm outside Philadelphia. Always an avid reader, I have found my passions in historical research and writing. My current projects focus on European and American women's intersections and absences with Early Modern Proto-Feminist Enlightenment.

Liz Barrett is currently history PhDing at Lehigh University. CSA Farmer, mother of 3, and veteran of the USMC. Lives in suburban Philadelphia where she reads and writes a lot, and really likes old stuff. On Twitter: @lizcantlose.

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NBN Episodes hosted by Elizabeth:

Vanessa Wilkie, "A Woman of Influence: The Spectacular Rise of Alice Spencer in Tudor England" (Atria Books, 2023)

April 22, 2023

A Woman of Influence

Vanessa Wilkie

For readers of historical biography, meet Alice Spencer Stanley Egerton—the 16th century English noblewoman who was determined to bring her family int…

Debbie Felton, "Monsters and Monarchs: Serial Killers in Classical Myth and History" (U Texas Press, 2021)

October 11, 2022

Monsters and Monarchs

Debbie Felton

Even if the term "Serial Killer" wasn’t coined until the end of the 20th century, the practice of multiple murder has followed humanity through the ag…

Angela Tedesco, "Finding Turtle Farm: My Twenty-Acre Adventure in Community-Supported Agriculture" (U Minnesota Press, 2022)

October 3, 2022

Finding Turtle Farm

Angela Tedesco

This is the tale of one woman's journey of growing a community-supported farm from earth to plate. In 1995 Angela Tedesco bought a twenty-acre farm wi…