About Tong He

Tong He is a Lecturer in English at Central China Normal University, China. She earned her Ph.D. in Literature from The University of Texas at Dallas, USA, in 2023. Her research primarily explores twentieth-century women’s fiction, with a special emphasis on the intersection of spatial criticism, theories of subjectivity, and gender studies. Tong can be contacted at tong.he@ccnu.edu.cn.

NBN Episodes hosted by Tong:

Astrid Møller-Olsen, "Sensing the Sinophone: Urban Memoryscapes in Contemporary Fiction" (Cambria, 2022)

April 16, 2024

Sensing the Sinophone

Astrid Møller-Olsen
Hosted by Tong He

Through an original framework of literary sensory studies, Sensing the Sinophone: Urban Memoryscapes in Contemporary Fiction (Cambria, 2022) provides …

Erin Elizabeth Greer, "Fiction, Philosophy and the Ideal of Conversation" (Edinburgh UP, 2023)

February 29, 2024

Fiction, Philosophy and the Ideal of Conversation

Erin Elizabeth Greer
Hosted by Tong He

The ideal of ‘conversation’ recurs in modern thought as a symbol and practice central to ethics, democratic politics, and thinking itself. Interweavin…