About Julia Lee

I'm a professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine and the author of three books: The Racial Railroad (NYU Press, 2022), Understanding Maxine Hong Kingston (Univ of South Carolina Press, 2018), and Interracial Encounters (NYU Press, 2011). My research is in American literary fiction with a specialization in Asian American literatures and African American literatures. I teach broadly in Asian American studies, including courses on Asian American Communities, Asian American Popular Culture, and Korean American experience. Two of my books have been featured on the NBN and I have always enjoyed listening to the podcast. I have also noticed of late that there isn't a host who is dedicated to New Books in Asian American Studies. I would enjoy reading the latest books in this vibrant and diverse and talking to the writers and thinkers of these extraordinary works.

NBN Episodes hosted by Julia:

Mimi Khúc, "dear elia: Letters from the Asian American Abyss" (Duke UP, 2023)

March 3, 2024

dear elia

Mimi Khúc
Hosted by Julia Lee

Mimi Khúc is a PhD, writer, scholar, and teacher of things unwell. She is currently the Co-Editor of The Asian American Literary Review and an adjunc…

Neema Avashia, "Another Appalachia: Coming Up Queer and Indian in a Mountain Place" (West Virginia UP, 2022)

February 25, 2024

Another Appalachia

Neema Avashia
Hosted by Julia Lee

Neema Avashia is the daughter of Indian immigrants and was born and raised in southern West Virginia. She has been an educator and activist in the Bos…

Kimberly D. McKee, "Adoption Fantasies: The Fetishization of Asian Adoptees from Girlhood to Womanhood" (Ohio State UP, 2023)

December 3, 2023

Adoption Fantasies

Kimberly D. McKee
Hosted by Julia Lee

In Adoption Fantasies: The Fetishization of Asian Adoptees from Girlhood to Womanhood (Ohio State UP, 2023), Kimberly D. McKee explores the ways adopt…

Kawika Guillermo on "Nimrods" and Y-Dang Troeung's "Landbridge"

November 21, 2023

Kawika Guillermo on "Nimrods" and Y-Dang Troeung's "Landbridge"

Kawika Guillermo and Y-Dang Troeung
Hosted by Julia Lee

Today I talked to Christopher Patterson about two books: the late Y-Dang Troeung's Landbridge [life in fragments] (Knopf Canada, 2023) and Christophe…

Takeo Rivera, "Model Minority Masochism: Performing the Cultural Politics of Asian American Masculinity" (Oxford UP, 2022)

September 19, 2023

Model Minority Masochism

Takeo Rivera
Hosted by Julia Lee

There are few grand narratives that loom over Asian Americans more than the “model minority.” While many Asian Americanist scholars and activists aim …