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I am the collections manager at a small archaeology museum—The Badè Museum—in California's East Bay. Working alongside a curatorial staff that can be counted on one hand means that my responsibilities in the museum are varied; on any given day I am a docent, research assistant, conservator, archivist, marketing project manager, event planner, content producer, and exhibition designer. Overall, my work revolves around developing strategic methods for cataloging our vast and varied collection and telling our institution's story through emerging media. In pursuit of the latter, I've expanded the museum's social media horizons from Facebook alone to Instagram, YouTube, and even Tik-Tok. These aims are driven by my passion as an archaeology communicator. As a supervisor with the Tel Kabri archaeological project in present-day Israel, I frequently led tours of the 3,750 year old heritage site for international audiences and have written extensively for Biblical Archaeology Review—a popular print & online Near Eastern archaeology magazine. Otherwise, I'm also enthusiastic about bread baking (who *didn't* pick up sourdough baking this past year?), backpacking, board games, and speculative fiction—reading and writing it.

Samuel Pfister is the collections manager at the Badè Museum in California's East Bay.

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