About Comfort Azubuko-Udah

I am essentially a storyteller who has dedicated her scholarship to studying stories that shape our physical world. My academic work is invested in environmental narratives and justice, especially in relation to urbanity and indigeneity in Africa. My interests are generally located in African literature and literary studies, postcoloniality, ecocriticism, geocriticism, and urban humanities. I earned my PhD in English at UCLA, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leslie Center for Humanities in Dartmouth College. I am currently an Assistant Professor of English and African studies at the University of Toronto. My ongoing book project engages Nigerian urban spaces with a lens of local specificity, to look beyond spatial charisma and spectacularity. My doctoral research was focused on engaging various less spectacular spaces in Nigeria, or attending to already heavily-discussed places and objects with an uncommon lens that does not privilege the global over the local. I have written about attending differently to urban spaces in various scholarly, creative, and editorial pieces published in the Journal of the African Literature Association, on Bozalta, and by KCET respectively.

Comfort Azubuko-Udah is an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto, cross-appointed in the Department of English and the African Studies Centre. Her work engages narrativizations of African spaces and places with ecocritical and geocritical lenses.

NBN Episodes hosted by Comfort:

António Tomás, "In the Skin of the City: Spatial Transformation in Luanda" (Duke UP, 2022)

July 19, 2023

In the Skin of the City

António Tomás

In his book, In the Skin of the City: Spatial Transformation in Luanda (Duke UP, 2022), António Tomás traces the history and transformation of Luanda,…