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I'm a professor of Modern Europe at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. My book, Imperial Culture and the Sudan, was published by IB Tauris in 2020 and I spoke with Charles Prior about it on NBN last year. I also co-write, produce, and host a partner podcast of the NBN called Lies Agreed Upon. It looks at how Hollywood uses history to talk about today. My current book project, Drama Queens: Monarchs, Aristocrats and Hollywood is also located at the intersection of film and history. I'm interested in talking to authors on a broad range of subjects that span Britain and Empire, Modern Europe, popular culture and, quite frankly, any other subject I wish I knew more about.

Lia Paradis is Professor of History at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. She is the co-host of the Lies Agreed Upon podcast and author of Imperial Culture and the Sudan: Authorship, Identity and the British Empire (IB Tauris, 2020)

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NBN Episodes hosted by Lia:

Peter Hughes, "A History of Love and Hate in 21 Statues" (Aurum Press, 2021)

July 4, 2022

A History of Love and Hate in 21 Statues

Peter Hughes
Hosted by Lia Paradis

The ongoing debate surrounding who gets to determine the subjects of public commemoration, particularly in the form of statues, has become more heated…

Tomek Jankowski, "Eastern Europe!: Everything You Need to Know about the History (and More) of a Region That Shaped Our World and Still Does" (New Europe, 2021)

June 3, 2022

Eastern Europe!

Tomek Jankowski
Hosted by Lia Paradis

Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau once gave a press conference while visiting Washington, during which he famously said: "Living next to [the United…

Liam Stanley, "Britain Alone: How a Decade of Conflict Remade the Nation" (Manchester UP, 2022)

May 5, 2022

Britain Alone

Liam Stanley
Hosted by Lia Paradis

In his new and fascinating book, Britain Alone: How a Decade of Conflict Remade the Nation (Manchester UP, 2022), Dr. Liam Stanley explores how, over …

Jessica P. Clark, "The Business of Beauty: Gender and the Body in Modern London" (Bloomsbury, 2020)

March 31, 2022

The Business of Beauty

Jessica P. Clark
Hosted by Lia Paradis

In The Business of Beauty: Gender and the Body in Modern London (Bloomsbury, 2020), historian Jessica Clark takes the reader on a tour through the shi…