About Shraddha Chatterjee

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies at York University. I am researching, broadly, on queer politics in India in relation to the rise of authoritarianism in the subcontinent. My previous research has focused on queer politics in India through the lens of lesbian suicides. In my work, I map queerness through psychoanalysis, gender studies, critical theory, and anthropology, and ask larger questions around how we can understand subjectivity and the realm of political discourse. Besides research and academic engagement, I spend my time around dogs, bodies of water, friendly kin, and like to paint, cook, and read.

Shraddha Chatterjee is a doctoral candidate at York University, Toronto, and author of Queer Politics in India: Towards Sexual Subaltern Subjects (Routledge, 2018).

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