About Anna Zumbahlen

Anna Zumbahlen is a poet living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She holds a PhD in English & Literary Arts from the University of Denver and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Montana.

NBN Episodes hosted by Anna:

Dong Li, "The Orange Tree" (U Chicago Press, 2023)

September 12, 2023

The Orange Tree

Dong Li
Hosted by Anna Zumbahlen

Dong Li’s The Orange Tree (U Chicago Press, 2023) is a collection of narrative poems that braids forgotten legends, personal sorrows, and political up…

Rachel Mennies, "The Naomi Letters" (BOA Editions, 2021)

July 15, 2023

The Naomi Letters

Rachel Mennies
Hosted by Anna Zumbahlen

Rachel Mennies embraces the public/private duality of writing letters in her latest collection of poems. Told through a time-honored epistolary narrat…

Amy Berkowitz, "Gravitas" (Éditions du Noroît/Total Joy, 2023)

July 13, 2023


Amy Berkowitz
Hosted by Anna Zumbahlen

Frank, conversational, and darkly funny, Gravitas examines the tendency of MFA programs to teach women that their lives aren’t worth writing about. T…

Mag Gabbert, "Sex Depression Animals" (Ohio State UP, 2023)

June 19, 2023

Sex Depression Animals

Mag Gabbert
Hosted by Anna Zumbahlen

In Sex Depression Animals (Ohio State UP, 2023), Mag Gabbert redefines the bestiary in fiery, insistent, and resistant terms. These poems recast the t…