About Alex Batesmith

I am a teaching and research academic at the School of Law at the University of Leeds (UK) with a prior 20-year career as a legal professional in domestic and international criminal law, having previously practised as a barrister in the English criminal courts and a United Nations war crimes prosecutor in Kosovo and Cambodia as well as a consultant in post-conflict justice reconstruction in a dozen different countries around the world. I write about international criminal law and international / hybrid criminal tribunals, the motivations of lawyers, the role of emotion in the law, cause lawyering, and lawyers and the rule of law in authoritarian and post-conflict societies. I have a professional and personal interest in South-East Asia (especially Cambodia and Myanmar) and the Balkans. Outside work, I enjoy the great outdoors with my family and friends (camping, hiking and road cycling), photography and travel, and music of many types as both a radio listener / gig-goer and as a very average guitar player.

Alex Batesmith is a Lecturer in Legal Profession at the School of Law, University of Leeds, UK. His research focuses on lawyers, their professional self-identity and their motivations, and how these shape the institutions and the discipline in which they work. Twitter: @batesmith

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NBN Episodes hosted by Alex:

Gary J. Bass, "Judgement at Tokyo: World War II on Trial and the Making of Modern Asia" (Knopf, 2023)

December 15, 2023

Judgement at Tokyo

Gary J. Bass
Hosted by Alex Batesmith

Judgement at Tokyo: World War II on Trial and the Making of Modern Asia (Knopf, 2023), a book ten years in the making, is the definitive account of th…

Agata Fijalkowski, "Law, Visual Culture, and the Show Trial" (Routledge, 2023)

October 30, 2023

Law, Visual Culture, and the Show Trial

Agata Fijalkowski
Hosted by Alex Batesmith

Addressing the relationship between law and the visual, this book examines the importance of photography in Central, East, and Southeast European show…

Jacqueline Kinghan, "Lawyers, Networks and Progressive Social Change: Lawyers Changing Lives" (Bloomsbury, 2021)

July 11, 2023

Lawyers, Networks and Progressive Social Change

Jacqueline Kinghan
Hosted by Alex Batesmith

Written by a lawyer who works at the intersection between legal education and practice in access to justice and human rights, this book locates, descr…