About Bernard Keo

I primarily investigate decolonisation and nation-making in littoral Southeast Asia (with a particular focus on Malaysia and Singapore) but have also been increasingly drawn towards urban history and food studies in recent years. Alongside this, I have training and experience in the digital humanities and am keen to explore the ways in which we can disseminate research to the wider public more effectively. I'm interested in a range of topics but gravitate towards the history, politics, culture, and society of Southeast Asia; the study of global cities in the past and present; and new digital ways of doing and presenting history. Outside of academic pursuits, I'm also interested in popular culture, especially 'prestige' television and movies (both good and so bad it's good).

Bernard Z. Keo is Lecturer in Asian History at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and specialises in decolonisation and nation-building in Southeast Asia. He can be contacted at: b.keo@latrobe.edu.au.

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