About Frazer MacDiarmid

I recently graduated with a DPhil (PhD) in theology from the University of Oxford, with a thesis examining early Christian ideas of martyrdom and discipleship through a lens of memory. The thesis is in the final stages of being published with Mohr Siebeck and I hope to feature the book on the NBN! Taking a break from academia, I currently work for the New Zealand government on providing redress for the state's historical injustices against Māori (indigenous people of New Zealand) in its long history of colonisation. My career is currently poised between several different directions, but my fascination with Christianity - its thought-world, history, and significance today - is a constant.

In my spare time I love chatting with people about books on my bookstagram account (@turnsof_fraze), sing in several choirs, and am an amateur blind wine-taster (with professional ambitions).

NBN Episodes hosted by Frazer: