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NBN Episodes hosted by Rob Wolf and Brenda Noiseux:

Reese Hogan, "My Heart Is Human" (Space Wizard Science Fantasy, 2023)

November 9, 2023

My Heart Is Human

Reese Hogan

My Heart Is Human (Space Wizard Science Fantasy, 2023) by Reese Hogan is about a human and robot who come to occupy the same body. The body belongs …

Nick Harkaway, "Titanium Noir" (Knopf, 2023)

August 3, 2023

Titanium Noir

Nick Harkaway

According to Merriam-Webster, noir is “crime fiction featuring hard-boiled, cynical characters and bleak, sleazy settings.” The Cambridge Dictionary s…

Gareth L. Powell, "Descendant Machine" (Titan Books, 2023)

May 4, 2023

Descendant Machine

Gareth L. Powell

Gareth L. Powell’s Descendant Machine (Titan Books, 2023) is set about 200 years in the future, and yet the recent explosion in A.I. technology sugges…

Denise Crittendon, "Where it Rains in Color" (Angry Robot, 2022)

February 2, 2023

Where it Rains in Color

Denise Crittendon

Denise Crittendon’s debut science fiction novel,Where it Rains in Color (Angry Robot, 2022), is set far in the future, long after the Earth has been d…

Alastair Reynolds, "Eversion" (Orbit, 2022)

November 3, 2022


Alastair Reynolds

In Alastair Reynolds’ Eversion (Orbit, 2022), the setting keep changing—the epoch, location, and technology—but the characters remain more or less the…

Megan Giddings, "The Women Could Fly" (Amistad, 2022)

August 11, 2022

The Women Could Fly

Megan Giddings

The Women Could Fly (Amistad, 2022) is set in our contemporary world with one big difference. A belief in witches gives rise to laws and a culture th…