About Quynh Le Vo

I have recently graduated with a master's in environmental change and global sustainability, with a focus on climate change adaptation in Southeast Asia. Previously, I have worked at a social science research centre, in international diplomacy dealing with questions of sustainable development and climate finance, and managing partnerships for UNOPS. My interests are in particular in climate justice and the effects of climate change in Southeast Asia.

NBN Episodes hosted by Quynh Le:

Merging the Local with the Global: A Conversation with a Malaysian Youth Climate Advocate

April 18, 2022

Merging the Local with the Global

Farhana Shukor
Hosted by Quynh Le Vo

In the past few years, youth-led groups such as the Fridays for Future school strike movement have changed the face of climate activism globally. In t…

Urban Climate Change and Adaptation: Messages from the IPCC Report for Southeast Asia

April 4, 2022

Urban Climate Change and Adaptation

Winston Chow
Hosted by Quynh Le Vo

“An atlas of human suffering and a damning indictment of failed climate leadership,” is how UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the IPCC r…

COP26 from a Southeast Asian Perspective

December 6, 2021

COP26 from a Southeast Asian Perspective

Sharon Seah
Hosted by Quynh Le Vo

COP26 was billed as the make or break event in the fight against climate change. In conversation with Quynh Le Vo, Sharon Seah, coordinator of the ISE…

Karen Sanctuaries: Memory, Biodiversity and Political Sovereignty

August 13, 2021

Karen Sanctuaries

Terese Gagnon
Hosted by Quynh Le Vo

Seeds, plants and food can act as repositories of memory and identity, thus countering the alienation caused by displacement. How does this manifest i…