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Bede Haines is a solicitor, specialising in litigation and a partner at Holding Redlich, an Australian commercial law firm. He lives in Sydney, Australia. Known to read books, ride bikes and eat cereal (often). bede.haines@holdingredlich.com

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NBN Episodes hosted by Bede:

James Keating, "Distant Sisters: Australasian Women and the International Struggle for the Vote, 1880-1914" (Manchester UP, 2020)

December 31, 2023

Distant Sisters

James Keating
Hosted by Bede Haines

In the 1890s Australian and New Zealand women became the first in the world to win the vote. Buoyed by their victories, they promised to lead a global…

Alastair Paton, "Of Marsupials and Men" (Black Inc, 2022)

August 16, 2022

Of Marsupials and Men

Alastair Paton
Hosted by Bede Haines

Alistair Paton joins today, writer of Of Marsupials and Men (Black Inc, 2022), a book recounting the fascinating and often hilarious history of the me…

Eda Gunaydin, "Root and Branch: Essays on Inheritance" (NewSouth, 2022)

July 8, 2022

Root and Branch

Eda Gunaydin
Hosted by Bede Haines

Eda Gunaydin joins us today to talk about Root and Branch: Essays on Inheritance (NewSouth, 2022). Lots of themes: Turkey, Australia, Sydney, family, …

Matthew Ricketson and Patrick Mullins, "Who Needs the ABC?: How Digital Disruption and Political Dysfunction Threaten the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Existence" (Scribe, 2022)

June 8, 2022

Who Needs the ABC?

Matthew Ricketson and Patrick Mullins
Hosted by Bede Haines

Hello media fans - The ABC is Australia's public broadcaster, for TV, digital and radio. Think BBC and CBC and NPR. Who Needs the ABC?: How Digital …

David Hunt, "Girt Nation: The Unauthorised History of Australia," Volume 3 (Black Inc., 2021)

April 26, 2022

Girt Nation

David Hunt
Hosted by Bede Haines

The saga of Australia continues with... Girt Nation: The Unauthorised History of Australia, Volume 3 (Black Inc., 2021). David Hunt tramples the tall …

Bronwyn Adcock, "Currowan: A Story of Fire and a Community During Australia's Worst Summer" (Black Inc., 2021)

October 29, 2021


Bronwyn Adcock
Hosted by Bede Haines

The Currowan fire – ignited by a lightning strike in a remote forest and growing to engulf the New South Wales South Coast – was one of the most terri…

Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson, "Upheaval: The Great Digital Disruption in Journalism and Its Aftermath" (NewSouth, 2021)

October 19, 2021


Andrew Dodd and Matthew Ricketson
Hosted by Bede Haines

Matthew Ricketson joins to discuss how newsrooms, the engine rooms of reporting, have shrunk. A generation of journalists has borne witness to seismic…

Virginia Miller, "Child Sexual Abuse Inquiries and the Catholic Church: Reassessing the Evidence" (Firenze UP, 2021)

September 13, 2021

Child Sexual Abuse Inquiries and the Catholic Church

Virginia Miller
Hosted by Bede Haines

In Child Sexual Abuse Inquiries and the Catholic Church: Reassessing the Evidence (Firenze UP, 2021), Dr Miller analyses empirical findings, methodolo…

Henry Reynolds and Nicholas Clements, "Tongerlongeter: First Nations Leader and Tasmanian War Hero" (NewSouth, 2021)

September 6, 2021


Henry Reynolds and Nicholas Clements
Hosted by Bede Haines

Nicholas, today's guest, explains Australia has no war hero more impressive than Tongerlongeter. Leader of the Oyster Bay nation of south-east Tasmani…

Mark McKenna, "Return to Uluru: A Killing, Hidden history, a Story that Toes to the Heart of the Nation" (Black Inc, 2021)

August 25, 2021

Return to Uluru

Mark McKenna
Hosted by Bede Haines

Today I talked to Mark McKenna about his new book Return to Uluru: A Killing, Hidden history, a Story that Toes to the Heart of the Nation (Black Inc,…

Helen Sword, "The Writer's Diet: A Guide to Fit Prose" (U Chicago Press, 2016)

August 6, 2021

The Writer's Diet

Helen Sword
Hosted by Bede Haines

Helen Sword, writing champion, brings us into the word gym. Or maybe kitchen. Either way, The Writer's Diet: A Guide to Fit Prose (U Chicago Press, 20…

Robin Derricourt, "Creating God: The Birth and Growth of Major Religions" (Manchester UP, 2021)

July 29, 2021

Creating God

Robin Derricourt
Hosted by Bede Haines

What do we really know about how and where religions began, and how they spread? Robin Derricourt considers the birth and growth of several major …

Michael Mohammed Ahmad, "The Other Half of You" (Hachette, 2021)

July 19, 2021

The Other Half of You

Michael Mohammed Ahmad
Hosted by Bede Haines

I only ever asked you for one thing,' my father said, a quiver in his voice. 'Just this one thing.' It was as though I had smashed the Ten Commandment…

Rowena Lennox, "Dingo Bold: The Life and Death of K'gari Dingoes" (Sydney UP, 2021)

June 29, 2021

Dingo Bold

Rowena Lennox
Hosted by Bede Haines

Australia and dingos - we have a past and future, and not without controversy. Dingo Bold: The Life and Death of K'gari Dingoes (Sydney UP, 2021) ex…

Inger Mewburn and Katherine Firth, "Level Up Your Essays: How to Fix Your University Essays and Get Better Grades" (NewSouth, 2021)

June 15, 2021

Level Up Your Essays

Inger Mewburn and Katherine Firth
Hosted by Bede Haines

I've had 18 years of formal education - why is writing so hard? Today's guests Dr Katherine Firth explains the disease's cure. The book Level Up Your …

Geoff Lindsay and Wayne Hudson, "Australian Jurists and Christianity" (Federation Press, 2020)

June 1, 2021

Australian Jurists and Christianity

Geoff Lindsay and Wayne Hudson
Hosted by Bede Haines

Professor Wayne Hudson knows a lot - a whole lot - about religion and society. In Australian Jurists and Christianity (The Federation Press, 2021) Way…

Erin Stewart, "The Missing Among Us: Stories of Missing Persons and Those Left Behind" (NewSouth, 2020)

May 19, 2021

The Missing Among Us

Erin Stewart
Hosted by Bede Haines

'To be missing, you must be missed'. Erin Stewart's 2021 book examines missing for just about every point of view. In Australia 38,000 people are r…

Henry Reynolds, "Truth Telling: History, Sovereignty and the Uluru Statement" (NewSouth, 2021)

April 30, 2021

Truth Telling

Henry Reynolds
Hosted by Bede Haines

What if the sovereignty of the First Nations was recognised by European international law in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? What if the auda…

Virginia Miller and David Moxon, "Leaning into the Spirit: Ecumenical Perspectives on Discernment and Decision-making in the Church (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

April 20, 2021

Leaning into the Spirit

Virginia Miller and David Moxon
Hosted by Bede Haines

Religions, indeed those of the same religion, getting along? Maybe. Dr Virginia Miller edits and contributes to an essay collection on how this thorny…

Stuart Rees, "Cruelty or Humanity: Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities" (Policy Press, 2020)

April 13, 2021

Cruelty Or Humanity

Stuart Rees
Hosted by Bede Haines

Stuart Rees's Cruelty or Humanity: Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities (Policy Press, a Bristol University Press imprint, 2020) exposes pol…

Kama Maclean, "British India, White Australia: Overseas Indians, Intercolonial Relations and the Empire, 1901-1947" (NewSouth, 2020)

April 2, 2021

British India, White Australia

Kama Maclean
Hosted by Bede Haines

Commonwealth, curry and cricket: now that explains India and Australia! Not really, and not according to today's guest. Kama Maclean discusses her boo…

Michael Mohammed Ahmad, "After Australia" (Affirm Press, 2021)

March 22, 2021

After Australia

Michael Mohammed Ahmad
Hosted by Bede Haines

After Australia (Affirm Press with the Sweatshop Literacy Movement 2021). No, Australia has not ended - it's a book edited by Michael Mohammed Ahmad. …

Annika Smethurst, "On Secrets" (Hachette, 2020)

March 10, 2021

On Secrets

Annika Smethurst
Hosted by Bede Haines

On June 4, Federal Police raided the home of Walkley award-winning journalist Annika Smethurst, changing her life forever. The police claimed they wer…

Sam van Zweden, "Eating with My Mouth Open" (NewSouth, 2021)

February 26, 2021

Eating with My Mouth Open

Sam van Zweden
Hosted by Bede Haines

Wow! Food, family, memory, insight, body, mind - worth the effort this one. Eating with My Mouth Open (NewSouth, 2021) is food writing like you’ve ne…