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David Novak and Matt Sakakeeny, "Keywords in Sound" (Duke UP, 2015)

July 13, 2018

Keywords in Sound

David Novak and Matt Sakakeeny
Hosted by Ian Cook

Featuring twenty entries on subjects such as music, voice, noise, shape and the body Keywords in Sound (Duke, 2015) pushes at the boundaries of ‘sound…

Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey, "Waste of a Nation: Growth and Garbage in India" (Harvard UP, 2018)

June 29, 2018

Waste of a Nation

Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey
Hosted by Ian Cook

Is India facing a waste crisis? As its population, cities and consumption grow what are the implications for the health, well being and everyday lives…

Jordan Lacey, "Sonic Rupture: A Practice-led Approach to Urban Soundscape Design" (Bloomsbury, 2016)

June 15, 2017

Sonic Rupture

Jordan Lacey
Hosted by Ian Cook

Sonic Rupture: A Practice-led Approach to Urban Soundscape Design (Bloomsbury 2016) by Jordan Lacey offers a practice-led alternative approach to urba…

Rajan Gurukkal, "Rethinking Classical Indo-Roman Trade: Political Economy of Eastern Mediterranean Exchange Relations" (Oxford UP, 2016)

June 8, 2017

Rethinking Classical Indo-Roman Trade

Rajan Gurukkal
Hosted by Ian Cook

Rajan Gurukkal's Rethinking Classical Indo-Roman Trade: Political Economy of Eastern Mediterranean Exchange Relations (Oxford University Press, 2016) …

Ronojoy Sen, "Nation at Play: A History of Sport in India" (Columbia UP, 2016)

March 6, 2017

Nation at Play

Ronojoy Sen
Hosted by Ian Cook

Covering sporting activities from ancient times right up to the modern day, Ronojoy Sen's Nation at Play: A History of Sport in India (Columbia Univer…

Anastasia Piliavsky, ed., "Patronage as Politics in South Asia" (Cambridge UP, 2014)

March 2, 2017

Patronage as Politics in South Asia

Anastasia Piliavsky
Hosted by Ian Cook

Does patronage always imply a corruption of democratic political processes? Across sixteen essays by historians, political scientists and anthropologi…

Carol Upadhya, "Reengineering India: Work, Capital, and Class in an Offshore Economy" (Oxford UP, 2016)

November 23, 2016

Reengineering India

Carol Upadhya
Hosted by Ian Cook

How is India's burgeoning IT industry reshaping the country? What types of capital is IT attracting and what formations does it take? How are software…

Rupa Viswanath, "The Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India" (Columbia UP, 2014)

November 2, 2016

The Pariah Problem

Rupa Viswanath
Hosted by Ian Cook

The so called "Pariah Problem" emerged in public consciousness in the 1890s in India as state officials, missionaries and "upper"caste landlords, amon…

Roman Sieler, "Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets: Medicine and Martial Arts in South India" (Oxford UP, 2015)

October 28, 2016

Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets

Roman Sieler
Hosted by Ian Cook

Roman Sieler's

 Lethal Spots, Vital Secrets: Medicine and Martial Arts in South India (Oxford University Press, 2015) is a fine-grained e…

Harini Nagendra, "Nature in the City: Bengaluru in the Past, Present, and Future" (Oxford UP, 2016)

September 26, 2016

Nature in the City

Harini Nagendra
Hosted by Ian Cook

In Nature in the City: Bengaluru in the Past, Present, and Future (Oxford University Press, 2016), Harini Nagendra traces centuries of interaction bet…

Simanti Dasgupta, "BITS of Belonging: Information Technology, Water, and Neoliberal Governance in India" (Temple UP, 2015)

August 17, 2016

BITS of Belonging

Simanti Dasgupta
Hosted by Ian Cook

What links a water privatization scheme and a prominent software company in India's silicon city, Bangalore? Simanti Dasgupta's new book, BITS of Belo…

D. Asher Ghertner, "Rule by Aesthetics: World-Class City Making in Delhi" (Oxford UP, 2015)

August 11, 2016

Rule by Aesthetics

D. Asher Ghertner
Hosted by Ian Cook

D. Asher Ghertner explores why the ways things look are fundamental for Delhi's transformation into a "world class"city. Based on deep ethnographic en…

Lisa Bjorkman, "Pipe Politics, Contested Waters: Embedded Infrastructures of Millennial Mumbai" (Duke UP, 2015)

August 2, 2016

Pipe Politics, Contested Waters

Lisa Bjorkman
Hosted by Ian Cook

Mumbai is in many ways the paradigmatic city of India's celebrated economic upturn, but the city's transformation went hand-in-hand with increasing wa…

Dave Hutchinson, "Europe in Autumn" (Solaris, 2014)

June 29, 2016

Europe in Autumn

Dave Hutchinson
Hosted by Ian Cook

Do not call Dave Hutchinson prescient. Even though his Fractured Europe Sequence envisions a continent crumbling into ever-smaller countries, the idea…

Anand Pandian, "Reel World: An Anthropology of Creation" (Duke UP, 2015)

June 26, 2016

Reel World

Anand Pandian
Hosted by Ian Cook

Do we live in a real world or a 'reel world,' in which life begins to feel like a film? In this wonderful ethnography of the Tamil film industry, Anan…

Srimati Basu, "The Trouble with Marriage: Feminists Confront Law and Violence in India" (U California Press, 2015)

June 13, 2016

The Trouble with Marriage

Srimati Basu
Hosted by Ian Cook

Are solutions to marital problems always best solved through legal means? Should alternative dispute resolutions be celebrated? In her latest book The…

Sahana Udupa, "Making News in Global India: Media, Publics, Politics" (Cambridge UP, 2015)

May 19, 2016

Making News in Global India

Sahana Udupa
Hosted by Ian Cook

What role does Bangalore's private news culture play in shaping the southern Indian metropolis' ongoing urban transformation? Sahana Udupa's new book …

Nayanika Mathur, "Paper Tiger: Law, Bureaucracy and the Developmental State in Himalayan India" (Cambridge UP, 2015)

April 8, 2016

Paper Tiger

Nayanika Mathur
Hosted by Ian Cook

A village terrorized by a man eating tiger and a state struggling to implement possibly the largest social security program in the world coalesce in t…

Mitra Sharafi, "Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia: Parsi Legal Culture, 1772-1947" (Cambridge UP, 2015)

March 2, 2016

Law and Identity in Colonial South Asia

Mitra Sharafi
Hosted by Ian Cook

Parsis, also known as Zoroastrians, were deeply entwined with the colonial legal system of British India and Burma, far beyond what one might expect f…

Tasneem Khalil, "Jallad: Death Squads and State Terror in South Asia" (Pluto Press, 2016)

February 24, 2016


Tasneem Khalil
Hosted by Ian Cook

State executioners in their various guises are explored in all their horrific detail by Tasneem Khalil, in his new book Jallad: Death Squads and State…

Sara Shneiderman, "Rituals of Ethnicity: Thangmi Identities Between Nepal and India" (U Pennsylvania Press, 2015)

February 3, 2016

Rituals of Ethnicity

Sara Shneiderman
Hosted by Ian Cook

Rituals of Ethnicity: Thangmi Identities Between Nepal and India (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015) by Sara Shneiderman is the first comprehensi…

Arthur Dudney, "Delhi: Pages From A Forgotten History" (Hay House India, 2015)

January 18, 2016


Arthur Dudney
Hosted by Ian Cook

Delhi: Pages From A Forgotten History (Hay House India, 2015) by Arthur Dudney tells the story of India's capital and beyond through the lens of Persi…

Sanjay Srivastava, "Entangled Urbanism: Slum, Gated Community and Shopping Mall in Delhi and Gurgaon" (Oxford UP, 2015)

October 2, 2015

Entangled Urbanism

Sanjay Srivastava
Hosted by Ian Cook

Entangled Urbanism: Slum, Gated Community and Shopping Mall in Delhi and Gurgaon (Oxford University Press, 2015) is the latest book by Sanjay Srivasta…

Neha Vora, "Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora" (Duke UP, 2013)

September 22, 2015

Impossible Citizens

Neha Vora
Hosted by Ian Cook

Neha Vora's Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora (Duke University Press, 2013) is a wonderfully rich and engaging account of middle class Indi…