About Mathias Fuelling

I am a doctoral candidate in history at Temple University. I am writing about the interaction of nationalism and communism in immediate postwar Czechoslovakia, roughly 1945 to 1950, trying to understand how nationalist appeals, particularly appeals to nationalist history, were used by the Czechoslovak Communist Party, as well as how ordinary Czechoslovak citizens made sense of their history and their political commitments at the time. I am more broadly interested in the history of the Soviet Union and nationalism; economic history and the history of economic thought, with a focus on state planning; the history of Marxism and communist/socialist thought; the history of modern Europe; and Cold War history

Mathias Fuelling is a doctoral candidate in History at Temple University, working on a political history of Czechoslovakia in the immediate post-WWII years. He can be found on Twitter here.

NBN Episodes hosted by Mathias:

Agathe Demarais, "Backfire: How Sanctions Reshape the World Against U.S. Interests" (Columbia UP, 2022)

November 29, 2022


Agathe Demarais
Hosted by Mathias Fuelling

Sanctions have become the go-to foreign policy tool for the United States. Coercive economic measures such as trade tariffs, financial penalties, and …

Fabio Mattioli, "Dark Finance: Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe" (Stanford UP, 2020)

March 7, 2022

Dark Finance

Fabio Mattioli
Hosted by Mathias Fuelling

Dark Finance: Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe (Stanford University Press, 2020) offers one of the first ethnographic account…

Nicholas Mulder, "The Economic Weapon: The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War" (Yale UP, 2022)

February 16, 2022

The Economic Weapon

Nicholas Mulder
Hosted by Mathias Fuelling

Economic sanctions dominate the landscape of world politics today. First developed in the early twentieth century as a way of exploiting the flows of …

Terence Renaud, "New Lefts: The Making of a Radical Tradition" (Princeton UP, 2021)

October 13, 2021

New Lefts

Terence Renaud
Hosted by Mathias Fuelling

In the 1960s, the radical youth of Western Europe’s New Left rebelled against the democratic welfare state and their parents’ antiquated politics of r…