About Louisa Hann

I'm an early career researcher and freelance writer who was recently awarded a PhD from the University of Manchester (UK) for a thesis examining contemporary HIV/AIDS theatre. My primary interests revolve around the (sometimes disparate) fields of queer theatre and performance art, the political economy of theatre, cultural materialism, and Marxist theory. I am also interested in how the medical humanities intersect with questions of political economy and have published work on the memorialisation of HIV/AIDS on the contemporary stage and the use of documentary theatre as a neoliberal harm reduction tool. I'm currently working on a monograph for Liverpool University Press about HIV/AIDS theatre, activism, and community, and am interested in exploring new ways to connect with scholars in related fields.

Louisa Hann recently attained a PhD in English and American studies from the University of Manchester, specialising in the political economy of HIV/AIDS theatres.

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