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Beth Windisch is a national security practitioner.
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American Studies September 23, 2020

Muslims in a Post-9/11 America

A Survey of Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Implications for U.S. National Security Policy

Rachel M. Gillum

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Muslims in a Post-9/11 America (University of Michigan Press, 2018) examines how public fears about Muslims in the United States compare with the reality of American Muslims’ attitudes on a range of relevant issues. While most research on Muslim Americans focuses on Arab Muslims, a quarter of the Muslim American population, Rachel Gillum includes perspectives of Muslims from various ethnic and national communities—from African Americans to those of Pakistani, Iranian …
African American Studies September 9, 2020

America’s Other Muslims

Imam W.D. Mohammed, Islamic Reform, and the Making of American Islam

Muhammed Fraser-Rahim

Hosted by Beth Windisch
America's Other Muslims: Imam W.D. Mohammed, Islamic Reform, and the Making of American Islam explores the oldest and perhaps the most important Muslim community in America, whose story has received …
Middle Eastern Studies August 25, 2020


Anwar al-Awlaki’s Western Jihad

A. Meleagrou-Hitchens

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Anwar al-Awlaki was, according to one of his followers, “the main man who translated jihad into English.” By the time he was killed by an American drone strike in 2011 …
Critical Theory August 12, 2020

Disordered Violence

How Gender, Race and Heteronormativity Structure Terrorism

Caron Gentry

Hosted by Beth Windisch
In Disordered Violence: How Gender, Race and Heteronormativity Structure Terrorism (Edinburgh University Press, 2020), Caron Gentry looks at how gender, race, and heteronormative expectations of public life shape Western understandings …
East Asian Studies August 5, 2020

Black Wave

How Networks and Governance Shaped Japan’s 3/11 Disasters

Daniel P. Aldrich

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Despite the devastation caused by the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and 60-foot tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, some 96% of those living and working in the most disaster-stricken region of …
National Security July 7, 2020

Becoming Bulletproof

Protect Yourself, Read People, Influence Situations, and Live Fearlessly

Evy Poumpouras

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Former Secret Service agent and star of Bravo’s Spy Games, Evy Poumpouras, shares lessons learned from protecting presidents, as well insights and skills from the oldest and most elite security …
National Security July 6, 2020

Radicalization to Terrorism

What Everyone Needs to Know

Sophia Moskalenko and Clark McCauley

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Terrorism and radicalization came to the forefront of news and politics in the US after the unforgettable attacks of September 11th, 2001. When George W. Bush famously asked "Why do …
Communications June 9, 2020

Weaponized Words

The Strategic Role of Persuasion in Violent Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization

Kurt Braddock

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Kurt Braddock's new book Weaponized Words: The Strategic Role of Persuasion in Violent Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization (Cambridge University Press, 2020) applies existing theories of persuasion to domains unique to this …
National Security May 27, 2020

Widen the Window

Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive During Stress and Recover from Trauma

Elizabeth A. Stanley

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Stress is our internal response to an experience that our brain perceives as threatening or challenging. Trauma is our response to an experience in which we feel powerless or lacking …
Critical Theory April 1, 2020

The First Political Order

How Sex Shapes Governance and National Security Worldwide

Valerie M. Hudson, Donna Lee Bowen, and Perpetua Lynne Nielsen

Hosted by Beth Windisch
Global history records an astonishing variety of forms of social organization. Yet almost universally, males subordinate females. How does the relationship between men and women shape the wider political order …
American Studies March 24, 2020

A Woman's Place

US Counterterrorism Since 9/11

Joana Cook

Hosted by Beth Windisch
The 9/11 attacks fundamentally transformed how the US approached terrorism, and led to the unprecedented expansion of counterterrorism strategies, policies, and practices. While the analysis of these developments is rich …
American Studies March 2, 2020

Full Spectrum Dominance

Irregular Warfare and the War on Terror

Maria Ryan

Hosted by Beth Windisch
America's war on terror is widely defined by the Afghanistan and Iraq fronts. Yet, as this book demonstrates, both the international campaign and the new ways of fighting that grew …