About Roberto Mazza

I am currently a visiting professor at Northwestern University with seventeen years of academic experience (researching, publishing, teaching and supervising). I mostly work on the history of the modern Middle East with a specialization on Palestine - I have developed a successful podcast Jerusalem Unplugged dedicated to the history and politics of the city. I recently developed courses on the global history of conspiracy theories and I am interested in developing a podcast dedicated to this topic. I am the current executive editor of the Jerusalem Quarterly and I am very much involved in peer-reviewing articles and manuscripts for other journals and publishers. In relation to my interest in podcasting, I believe this is a form of connecting academia to the wider world and attract the general audience to more complex historical debates.

Roberto Mazza is visiting professor at Northwestern University. He is the host of the Jerusalem Unplugged Podcast and to discuss and propose a book for interview can be reached at robbymazza@gmail.com. Twitter: @robbyref

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