About Anna Lindner

Anna (Ph.D., Communication) is a critical/cultural communication historian. Her dissertation, titled Crying Conspiracy: White Discourses on Black Rebellion in Spanish Colonial Cuba, 1832-1845, uses rhetorical analysis to assess the language Spanish administrators used in their official letters, reports, and news publications to stereotype and blame Black free and enslaved Cubans. Her other research interests include formations of cultural identity, racialized linguistics and education, intersectional feminisms and queer studies, critical whiteness studies, and racial justice activism. Anna has been a part of the Wayne State Media History research team, which investigates the rhetoric of nineteenth-century US, Caribbean, and Latin American newspapers, since 2019. In addition, she has been a member of the Antiracist Language and Literacy Practices research team, which conducts university-wide studies on race, culture, and language practices of students and faculty, since 2020. Her recent work includes a collaborative essay, "'If Ever Saints Wept and Hell Rejoiced, It Must Have Been Over the Passage of That Law': The 1850 Fugitive Slave Act in Detroit River Borderland Newspapers, 1851-1852" [https://doi.org/10.1080/00947679.2022.2161800], published by Journalism History, and a forthcoming essay on queer identity and post-racialism in the Netflix series Sense8, to be published by Visual Communication Quarterly.

Anna E. Lindner (Ph.D., Communication) is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Wayne State University. On Twitter.

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