About Lynne Hartnett

I was drawn to Russian history because of my interest in revolutionary figures and revolutionary movements. My first book was a biography of the Russian revolutionary Vera Figner and my second is a study of Russian revolutionary émigrés living in liberal Britian in the decades before the Russian Revolution of 1917. I am drawn to studies of individual historical figures and biographies. For me, historical studies revolve around individuals and assertions of agency. In between my two books I wrote and filmed two courses for The Great Courses: Understanding Russia: A Cultural History and The Great Revolutions of Modern History. When I am not working on my scholarship, I am teaching students at Villanova and runnign the Graduate Program in history at Villanova. I also avidly follow politics

Lynne Hartnett is Associate Professor of History at Villanova University.

NBN Episodes hosted by Lynne:

Vladimir Alexandrov, "To Break Russia's Chains: Boris Savinkov and His Wars Against the Tsar and the Bolsheviks" (Pegasus, 2021)

November 19, 2021

To Break Russia's Chains

Vladimir Alexandrov
Hosted by Lynne Hartnett

The latest book by Vladimir Alexandrov is a brilliant examination of the enigmatic Russian revolutionary, Boris Savinkov. Although now largely forgot…