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PhD candidate in Political Science, at Laval Uni., Canada. Writing a dissertation on political violence; how it is perceived; how it is distinguished from terrorism; how political thinkers from the MENA region have analyzed it; with a focus on Algeria and Iran. It is mostly political theory/philosophy; and I am employing Critical Discourse Analysis as my main methodology. Have one Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies; and another one in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Bachelors in Translation. Every once in a while , I translate articles I like into Persian, and publish it on my own website. Though, I have been published by some official (left-leaning) websites in Iran such as “Pecritique.” I read, write, and translate texts mostly on politics, climate change, and Cinema. I am easy to talk to if my friends are to be believed; and pay a little too much attention to the details if my Mom is. At some point in my life, I had to wash dishes to pay up my university tuitions, and the only thing that kept me sane through that drudgery was listening to podcasts while working; chief among them NBN. So, thanks for that. Sincerely

Mehdi Sanglaji is writing a PhD thesis on political violence, religion, and all that jazz. Find me here: @mehdisanglaji on Musk’s new website grab, formerly known as Twitter.

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