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The mission of the Southern Labor Studies Association is to promote the study, teaching, and preservation of the history of southern labor.

NBN Episodes hosted by Southern Labor Studies Association:

Jennifer E. Brooks, "Resident Strangers: Immigrant Laborers in New South Alabama" (LSU Press, 2022)

November 12, 2023

Resident Strangers

Jennifer E. Brooks

Immigrant laborers who came to the New South in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries found themselves poised uncomfortably between white …

Thomas A. Castillo, "Working in the Magic City: Moral Economy in Early Twentieth-Century Miami" (U Illinois Press, 2022)

July 6, 2023

Working in the Magic City

Thomas A. Castillo

In the early twentieth century, Miami cultivated an image of itself as a destination for leisure and sunshine free from labor strife. In Working in th…

Jefferson Cowie, "Freedom's Dominion: A Saga of White Resistance to Federal Power" (Basic Book, 2022)

March 10, 2023

Freedom's Dominion

Jefferson Cowie

Jefferson Cowie discusses his book Freedom’s Dominion: A Saga of White Resistance to Federal Power (Basic Books, 2022), beginning with the book’s orig…

Labor Journalism, Farmworkers, and Reynolds Tobacco with Victoria Bouloubasis

February 15, 2023

Labor Journalism, Farmworkers, and Reynolds Tobacco

Victoria Bouloubasis

Journalist Victoria Bouloubasis discusses her career reporting on agricultural and food labor in North Carolina, her approach to labor journalism, a…