About Jue Liang

I hold a BA and MA from Renmin University of China (2009, 2011), an MA from the University of Chicago (2013), and a PhD from the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia (2020). My research and teaching engage with questions about continuities as well as innovations in the gender discourses of Buddhist communities. I am also interested in the theory and practice of translation in general, and translating Tibetan literature in particular. I am currently completing my first book, entitled Conceiving the Mother of Tibet: The Early Literary Lives of the Buddhist Saint Yeshé Tsogyel. At the same time, I am also working on a second project, tentatively titled Thus Has She Heard: Theorizing Gender in Contemporary Tibetan Buddhism.
Jue Liang is a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism. She is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Severance Professor in the History of Religion at Case Western Reserve University.
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NBN Episodes hosted by Jue:

Natasha L. Mikles, "Shattered Grief: How the Pandemic Transformed the Spirituality of Death in America" (Columbia UP, 2024)

July 8, 2024

Shattered Grief

Natasha L. Mikles
Hosted by Jue Liang

The COVID-19 pandemic left millions grieving their loved ones without the consolation of traditional ways of mourning. Patients were admitted to hospi…

Cameron Bailey and Aleksandra Wenta, "Tibetan Magic: Past and Present" (Bloomsbury, 2024)

June 21, 2024

Tibetan Magic

Cameron Bailey and Aleksandra Wenta
Hosted by Jue Liang

Tibetan Magic: Past and Present (Bloomsbury, 2024) focuses on the theme of magic in Tibetan contexts, encompassing both pre-modern and modern text-cul…

Megan Bryson and Kevin Buckelew eds., "Buddhist Masculinities" (Columbia UP, 2023)

September 22, 2023

Buddhist Masculinities

Megan Bryson and Kevin Buckelew
Hosted by Jue Liang

While early Buddhists hailed their religion's founder for opening a path to enlightenment, they also exalted him as the paragon of masculinity. Accord…

Annabella Pitkin, "Renunciation and Longing: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Himalayan Buddhist Saint" (U Chicago Press, 2022)

May 20, 2022

Renunciation and Longing

Annabella Pitkin
Hosted by Jue Liang

In the early twentieth century, Khunu Lama journeyed across Tibet and India, meeting Buddhist masters while sometimes living, so his students say, on …

Dominique Townsend, "A Buddhist Sensibility: Aesthetic Education at Tibet's Mindröling Monastery" (Columbia UP, 2021)

January 3, 2022

A Buddhist Sensibility

Dominique Townsend
Hosted by Jue Liang

Founded in 1676 during a cosmopolitan early modern period, Mindröling monastery became a key site for Buddhist education and a Tibetan civilizational …