About Fulya Pinar

I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Cultural Anthropology program at Rutgers University. Next year, I will be a graduate fellow for two centers to work on commons and futures through interdisciplinary seminar meetings and workshops, which I am very excited about. I worked on the thriving unregistered community initiatives established by Syrian refugee women in Istanbul, Turkey, for around two years for my dissertation fieldwork. Currently, I am writing dissertation chapters on the refugee commons and futures, and how these two entangle with entrepreneurial selves, as imagined and established by Syrian migrant women. During my fieldwork, I served as a Turkish language practice and mixed-media arts instructor in these community centers. Previously, for my MA in History and Society, I worked with feminist case lawyers in Istanbul and how they have been instrumentalizing language ideologies to "educate" the law enforcers. In general, I could say that I am interested in how women and LGBTI+ individuals find alternative ways to engage in activism when their multiple identities are under daily attack by the government, state institutions, and law enforcers. I define myself as both a scholar and an activist, doing my best to use whatever skills I have to serve the communities I work with. In terms of personal interests, I love arts, music, playing different instruments, singing, and the nature, especially the sea.

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