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Nancy D. Campbell, "OD: Naloxone and the Politics of Overdose" (MIT Press, 2020)

January 24, 2020


Nancy D. Campbell
Hosted by Dorian Deshauer

For years, drug overdose was unmentionable in polite society. OD was understood to be something that took place in dark alleys―an ugly death awaiting …

Emilia Nielsen, "Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives: Stories of Rage and Repair" (U Toronto Press, 2019)

December 11, 2019

Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives

Emilia Nielsen
Hosted by Dorian Deshauer

In this interview, Prof. Emilia Nielsen discusses the problem of the usual breast cancer narrative. She says that the happy stories of breast cancer s…

Sharra L. Vostral, "Toxic Shock: A Social History" (NYU Press, 2018)

August 2, 2019

Toxic Shock

Sharra Vostral
Hosted by Dorian Deshauer

In 1978, doctors in Denver, Colorado observed several healthy children who suddenly and mysteriously developed a serious, life-threatening illness wit…

Donna Dickenson, "Me Medicine vs. We Medicine: Reclaiming Biotechnology for the Common Good" (Columbia UP, 2016)

July 26, 2019

Me Medicine vs. We Medicine

Donna Dickenson
Hosted by Dorian Deshauer

Personalized healthcare―or what the award-winning author Donna Dickenson calls "Me Medicine"―is radically transforming our longstanding "one-size-fits…

Robin Scheffler, “A Contagious Cause: The American Hunt for Cancer Viruses and the Rise of Molecular Medicine" (U Chicago Press, 2019)

July 4, 2019

A Contagious Cause

Robin Scheffler
Hosted by Dorian Deshauer

Could cancer be a contagious disease? Although this possibility might seem surprising to many of us, it has a long history. In fact, efforts to develo…