About Ariadna Obregon

My name is Ariadna Obregón. I’m a PhD student at the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds. My research investigates the levels of censorship displayed by university students surrounding controversial points of view. I am using both surveys and focus groups to collect data in three universities in Mexico, my home country. The research on student censorship has primarily focused on the United States and the United Kingdom. I aim to add a Latin American perspective to the conversation, contributing to a global and culture-conscious understanding of students' openness or opposition to speech. My findings will shed light on the present-day discussion asking whether universities should promote a free speech culture or protect students by censoring certain kinds of speech, and how this relates to inclusivity, equality, scientific innovation, and students' future engagement with society as active citizens. As for my general interests, I am enthusiastic about any conversations on censorship and free speech in higher education, academic freedom, mixed methods research, cross-cultural research, Latin American politics, comparative politics, student reform, and student activism.

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