About Aliki Semertzi

I am a PhD researcher in International Law at the Geneva Graduate Institute, and a huge fan of the NBN podcast which accompanies my two long walks! Especially the podcasts on China, Japan, Gender and LGBTQ, literature, film and popular culture. My academic research is on law but draws from cultural studies, deconstruction, post-structuralism and critical theory. I am very curious and enjoy learning about the writing process, research construction and exchange of personal experiences with the authors. I also enjoy - and do - read widely and I am fascinated in learning and discovering the unexpected. I would be delighted to becoming a host, because that would give me the opportunity to read books that possibly would come otherwise so easily my way, meet the author and expand my scholarly network. Thank you very much in considering my expression of interest! And thank you also for this amazing resource which has given me much inspiration for my own work!

Aliki Semertzi is a PhD Candidate in International Law, at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

NBN Episodes hosted by Aliki: