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Nathan Hopson is an associate professor of Japanese and East Asian history in the Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University. He is currently completing a manuscript on the social history of nutrition science in modern Japan as a technology of nation building, focusing on school feeding (gakkō kyūshoku) and government-led nutritional activism as its central case studies. He has written several articles and edited volume chapters from this research, including “Nutrition as National Defense: Japan’s Imperial Government Institute for Nutrition, 1920-1940” (Journal of Japanese Studies 2019) and “Ingrained Habits: The ‘Kitchen Cars’ and the Transformation of Postwar Japanese Diet and Identity” (Food, Culture & Society 2020) His previous book, Ennobling Japan’s Savage Northeast, Tōhoku as Postwar Thought, 1945-2011 (2017), provides the first comprehensive account in English of the discursive life of the Tōhoku region within postwar Japan.
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