About Alex Beckstrand

I am a current Ph.D. student in the United States and the World at the University of Connecticut. I study American civil-military relations and militarism broadly, with a focus on the Woodrow Wilson era. I have completed comprehensive exams and will reach candidacy soemtime this summer (2022). I am also an officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and I work in the private sector in the aerospace industry. I am a husband and a father and love spending time with my family on hikes, at baseball games, and enjoying the outdoors.

Alex J. Beckstrand is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut, where he researches Woodrow Wilson’s civil-military relations. He is an officer in the Marine Corps Reserves, is a Lecturer at Central Connecticut State University, and works in the aerospace industry. Email: alex.beckstrand@uconn.edu Twitter: @AlexBeckstrand

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