About Ohad Fedida

I am currently a research and clinical assistant at the Child Anxiety and Phobia program as part of Florida International University's Center for Children and Families. I am aiming for a Clinical Psychology PhD. Aside for this, I am very involved in the domain of Jewish studies and have a specialization in Talmudic Law and Halakhic Theory. Overall, I am fascinated by psychology, neuroscience, religion and spiritual practices, social science (political thought) and law. I heard about this wonderful initiative from my friend Mathew Miller who is a host in the domain of Jewish Studies, and I would love to participate as well.

Ohad Fedida lives in Miami and is a psychology research and clinical assistant. He is pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, and is involved in a wide array of initiatives and studies from legal philosophy, Jewish programming, and psychology.

NBN Episodes hosted by Ohad: