About Oana Uiorean

I am a Romanian writer, translator and activist based in Brussels, Belgium. My research background is in political science and linguistics, but in recent years I have focused mainly on feminist theory and practice. I curate a book series called Bread&Roses for the leftist Romanian publisher Fractalia. Recent authors we published in translation are Tithi Bhattacharya, Cinzia Arruzza, Nancy Fraser, Bini Adamczak, Lise Vogel. Sophie Lewis, Veronica Gago, Luci Cavallero are forthcoming. I am involved as an activist in movements for housing justice, migrant justice and the International Women's Strike. I write about and review books on these topics for various publications. My award-winning novel Aporia.Dezbărații was published in 2019 by Editura Fractalia.

Oana Uiorean is a Romanian writer and translator. She writes and thinks about communism and feminism while raising children and organising women’s strikes. She curates the book series Bread&Roses on feminist theory and practice for the publisher frACTalia. Her debut novel is Aporia.Dezbărații (frACTalia, 2019). A pamphlet on socialist revolutionary feminism is forthcoming, as well as a book for our comrades the children.

NBN Episodes hosted by Oana:

Sophie Lewis, "Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation" (Verso, 2022)

November 18, 2022

Abolish the Family

Sophie Lewis
Hosted by Oana Uiorean

What if family were not the only place you might hope to feel safe, loved, cared for and accepted? What if we could do better than the family? We need…