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Sergio Lopez-Pineiro is an interdisciplinary architect operating at the intersection of architecture and landscape, and exploring voids as socio-spatial phenomena of freedom, diversity, and spontaneity. He is the author of "A Glossary of Urban Voids." Lopez-Pineiro is the director of the design studio Holes of Matter and a lecturer in landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He teaches design studios and theory seminars on architecture and landscape, focusing on the public nature of the built environment. Lopez-Pineiro trained as an architect in Spain at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) and received his Master of Architecture degree from Princeton University.

Sergio Lopez-Pineiro (Harvard Graduate School of Design) interviews authors on how the portrayal of emptiness and allied concepts (such as voids, nothingness, or limbo) in philosophical, political, religious, and social studies is influenced by the imagination and construction of physical space.

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